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CD7 Emergency Evacuation Chair Summary

CD7 is easy to use while providing the passenger with increased comfort and safety. The weight of the CD7 has been reduced. Turning clearances have also been reduced, making the CD7 even easier to handle on smaller stairways.

What is it?

An Evacuation Chair that assists people with limited mobility whilst they are evacuating from the building in an emergency.  Going downstairs with a smooth and controlable descent.

Who is it for?

People who need assistance with stairs & steps in an emergency.

Where is it used?

Multiple applications - Any Building like Hospital, Commercial Building, Hotel, School & University etc.

What do I get?

  • One CD7 Evac Chair
  • Operation Handbook
  • Fitted Cover
  • Free Delivery to site

How do I get one?

Call our office, Raudhah Healthcare Sdn. Bhd (Office : 603-26974288  Fax: 603-26970488)


please call En. Zamri ( 019-3009200  email :

Product Features

Secondary Brake System

Although a governor controls the speed of descent, an additional mechanical brake is provided that will stop and hold the CD7 on the stairs. This secondary brake system also serves as a parking brake when CD7 is stopped on flat surfaces. The failsafe brake engages automatically when the attendant releases the brake lever.

Open sides for easy transfer

Open sides and the low seating position, makes CD7 easy to load in an emergency. Many disabled passengers can transfer into the CD7 without assistance, once the CD7 has been opened.

Comfortable seating position

The CD7 provides disabled passengers of various sizes with a comfortable seating position. The passengers head, back, hips, legs and feet are all well supported when descending the stairs and when parked after the evacuation.

Adjustable safety straps

Three adjustable safety straps with quick release Velcro, securely hold passengers of various sizes, including children.

Hydraulic speed governor

The hydraulic speed governor mechanically engages with the tracks to control the descent speed at a comfortable rate. The attendant guides the machine but is not required to exert any effort to control the speed.

Auxilliary wheels for landings

Six auxiliary wheels allow the attendant to easily move the CD7 across flat surfaces and around stairway landings.

Steel reinforced tracks

Rubber tracks with special saw-tooth lugs securely grip the stairway. Hundreds of steel wires moulded into the tracks ensure track strength and durability. The long track length provides stability on the stairway.


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