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I.V. Catheter

MED8 I.V. Catheter offers a complete range from 14G to 26G.
This is further complemented by its extensive product offerings to suit
the preference of most healthcare workers globally.


Common features :

  • > Sharp, 3-facet back cut Japanese needle facilitates minimal venipuncture and reduced
    penetration force.
  • > Special tapered & kink resistant radiopaque catheter for easy insertion with optimal flow rates.
  • > Flexible wings (except in EASY-PEN & EASY-CATH) to provide easy & secure fixation.
  • > Manufactured from tested biocompatible materials offering longer indwelling time.
  • > Injection port (EASY-PORT only) with non-return silicon valve for intermittent medication.
  • > Transparent flashback chamber for easy visual confirmation of venipuncture.


Options available :

> Ported and non ported designs.

> FEP/PUR catheter.



Catheter Material : FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene)


I.V. Catheters with Injection Port, Snap Fit Cap & Suturable Wings


I.V. Catheters without Injection Port & without Wings


I.V. Catheters without Injection Port & without Wings


I.V. Catheters with Wings & without Port


I.V. Catheters with Small Wings & without Port for Neonates






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