SG 2000
SG 2000


4 Special Features

 ...Natural Ultrasonic Waves 

   The explosion of more than a million strong bubbles colliding with each other every second emit natural 

    ultrasonic waves,energy and generate 10,000 to 15,000 micro tremors per second.


...Ozone 03

   Produced by high frequency accelerant built in the machine to emit a constant output of ozone at

   0.05ppm(German FDA Standard),which effectively sterilizes,sanitizes,and deodorizes all substances vitality

   of cells removes cuticles,smoothens skin.The disinfecting ability of ozone is 3,000 times more germicidal

   than chlorine


...Far - Infrared Energy Mat

   using advanced technology,PU and fine bio-ceramic fiber are blended and integrated into one finished bath

   mat.It magnetizes water ,friendly to skin & enhances blood circulation.


...Negative Ions

   The machines generates an air output of 46 litres per second charged with negatives ions,freshens

    the air equivalent to that of forest bath.


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