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Who We Are

RHC is a fully fledged Government Tenderer and Medical Supplies Company. We supply consumables and various other products to Government Central Purchasing Unit, government hospitals, universities, laboratories and various other Ministries Such as Homeland Security and Defense. We had specialised in procuring consumables like oem syringes, cannulas & IVC, close system drug transfer device such as for chemotherapy for central contracts.

Presently we are growing organically, recruiting local talents and providing comprehensive solutions to our clients be it for their medical equipment needs, disposables, project planning, to customizing standard operating protocols.

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Offering Innovative Products with Trusted Quality

We specialize in supplying quality medical products, providing comprehensive solutions to our clients be it for their specific equipment needs, consumables & disposables, project planning and up to customizing standard operating protocols for businesses to operate during this Covid-19 era.

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Special Projects

Raudhah Healthcare specializes in curating customized projects for you, whether you need to order a special imported chassis for your customised ambulance, or you wish to acquire a specialised technology and require project funding, or you simply want to design a niche business solutions protocol for your healthcare facility, we are there to facilitate your requirements.

We have successfully presented design proposals and delivered individually or jointly for our clients specialized ambulances, mobile clinics, and various other design configurations.

Our team of consultants offer a wide range of diverse experiences, covering the breadth and depth of the healthcare industry.

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We hold the Authorised Representative (AR) status for Prometheus Medical products and the agency for Puradigm Air and Water Solutions. Do contact us for further info.


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