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Covid-19 relief and protection

Welcome to RAUDHAH Healthcare, your “One stop” shop for Covid-19 relief and protection. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of Covid-19 safety solutions, with a focus on customer satisfaction, safety and delivery.

The MCO is over and we are now in the recovery phase. The ban has been lifted and businesses are allowed to open up again. You’re an anxious business owner, you’re uncertain what the future holds, how can you galvanise back the workforce that has long been “in the bunkers”, what are the required SOP’s and precautions you need to make. What about the morale, psychological trauma that has engulfed the team, how could you give them confidence and at the same time not sacrifice on safety for customers and employees alike.

We are here to help, our team of experts and medical professionals will offer you an individualised consultation and prepare a customised program that would bring you back to Readiness. Our services will include assessment of the workplace and its flow of customers and workers, an effective standard operating procedure compliant to Ministry of Health requirements, COVID 19 mobile screening services for employers and employees alike, large scale sanitisation services, provision and recommendations for safety equipment, health and monitoring devices, internet of things and mobile tracking apps, medical paraphernalia and disposables that would allow you to operate with confidence and safety.

Our suite of services includes options for mental and wellbeing assessments, motivational, psychological and team building programs, nutritional and immune boosting advisory, that would lead your corporation back to its maximal PRODUCTIVITY in no time. RHC’s people centric and sensible humane approach will demystify and rebalance your ideas at the same time quell your fears on COVID 19 but more importantly be your ONE STOP SOLUTIONS PROVIDER in the battle we are all now facing.

“Fill your heart with the creative power to accept the past, decorate the present and transform the future” – Osho

Dr. Nadzri Mokhtar
Medical Director

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