LnK Posterior Cervical Fixation System



LnK Basic Spinal System is designed with high end technology to address the increasing demand of advanced surgical techniques. By evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of similar systems currently on the market, the Design Team has incorporated many of these strengths into the LnK Spinal System and avoided the weaknesses presented by other spinal hardware systems. The LnK Spinal System is a low profile, top-loading system. This lowprofile system features an enhanced closure mechanism technology and an ergonomically designed instrumentation set. The system consists of titanium alloy Poly Axial Screws, Reduction Screws, and Mono Axial Screws in various sizes with high degree of versatility.

Feature and Benefit
Mono axial screw, Poly Axial screw, Reduction screw: accommodate different surgical needs
Cylindrical screw thread, self tapping: ease insertion
45 degrees axiality minimizes rod contouring
Buttress/Slightly Reverse Thread type Set Screw: screw strongly anchored in cortical and cancellous bone