Prometheus Nightingale Dressing



Product Code: PR0200

The development of the highly adherent Nightingale Dressing™ was in response to our customers who struggled to make traditional dressings stick adequately and who wanted something simple, quick and reliable to use in emergency situations.

The Nightingale Dressing™ has great fixing properties (even with heavily perspiring casualty) thanks to its innovative structure and composition. Its breathable design helps protect the adherence of the gel when the skin is damp and allows the dressing to remain securely in place, often for hours.
This occlusive wound dressing is much larger than most others, helping to improve adherence and provide the ability to cover larger wounds.

Key Features
• Sterile
• Quick and simple
• Excellent adherent properties
• Latex-free
• CE marked

NSN Number

• Dimensions 15.00cm x 20.00cm