Prometheus Medical Recce Bag



CBRN major incidents are a real threat in the UK both from accidental release and terrorist incident. Planning and delivering the required capability requires the right kit for the task.
The CBRN Medical Recce Bag is specifically designed for the first responder entering into the “Hot Zone” to start initial triage and treatment.
Lightweight, robust and incredibly practical, this equipment is designed for a single person, enabling them to make an impact during the window of opportunity for the early triage and treatment of CBRN casualties.
Contained within the pack is a small amount of basic trauma equipment for initial trauma management. All contents are contained within a single pack with individual compartments and opens out for easy use and is made of a material that is wipeable for easy decontamination afterwards.

Specification Value:

Height 32cm
Width 51cm
Depth 26cm
Weight Fully Equipped 7.5kg
Weight Empty 2.5kg