Personal Trauma Pouch



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Complete: PR0219C
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The PTP helps to provide an immediate response to a medical incident. Lightweight and discreet, it includes the very best in proven, effective equipment.
The PTP can be discreetly fitted to a belt, leg rig, tactical vest or body armour, or it can be attached to the outside of equipment bags for added versatility. It also has a Velcro® closure and thumb loop, enabling it to be quickly opened and with a single hand.

• Gloves – Personal protection
• Face Shield – Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
• SOF® Tactical Tourniquet Wide – The latest evolution of tactical tourniquet, shown to be 100% effective by a US Army Institute of Surgical Research evaluation
• Nasopharyngeal Airways – Simple airway support
• Russell Chest Seal® – An innovative new dressing for emergency management of penetrating chest wounds
• Olaes® Modular Bandage 4″ – The newest generation of trauma bandage designed with direct input by some of the most experienced combat medics in the world
• ChitoGauze® XR Pro – A haemostatic gauze dressing with powerful effect, designed to control moderate to very sever haemorrhage
• Light stick – Vision or to mark a casualty’s location

Key Features
• Lightweight
• Velcro® closure and thumb loop, enabling it to be quickly opened and with a single hand
• Discreet

Pack Dimensions

12.00cm x 17.00cm x 7.00cm
Weight 76g
Weight (Full Pack) 380g