Prometheus Pelvic Splint

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Product Code: PRO400

Reduction and stabilisation of pelvic injuries should occur as soon as possible, on scene. Studies of patients sustaining pelvic injuries have shown that rapid immobilisation reduces haemorrhage by stabilising the fractured bone ends, reducing bleeding and stabilising clot formation.The Prometheus Pelvic Splint offers a ‘one size fits all’ solution, which is light, easy to apply and highly effective.

Key features
• Neoprene construction – very light
• One size fits all – from child to bariatric patient
• May be cut to size to allow access to abdomen and groin without compromise
• Soft material with no stitching reduces risk Of pressure ulceration or friction
• Perineum and anus are left uncovered

• Material – 6mm stretch Neoprene fabric
Bonded with loop nylon on both faces
• Neoprene Sling – 126cm x 19cm
• Hook and Loop Anchor – 10cm x 18cm
• Hook and Loop Belt – 43cm x 5cm
• Hook and Loop Tab – 10cm x 13cm
• Tri-glide Plastic Loop – 5cm

NSN: 6515-99-174-5924



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